Laura Dances

I almost forgot about this, that is until I watched PINA 3d and remembered that I have also directed dancers. Not to suggest that the below is anything like PINA 3d, it was more a happy set of circumstance drummed together during a workshop with Daniel Conrad.

After a kind of tedious set of days trying to get filmmakers and dancers who had never dabbled much with the other to work in stride and make dance films, Laura Cleveland lightly galloped into the studio and quietly announced to me that she had been working on a dance upstairs… if I wanted to film it. I did.

Sam Naiman and John Petrina, the sort of tech support for the workshop, also welcomed the distraction and we fled upstairs to make something. We really only had about an hour at most and in that time Sam and John set up a make-shift dolly rig while I directed Laura and her choreography into a story I could tell and mapped the terrain.

I took my metaphorical director’s chair, Sam the reins at the camera, and John made magic of a hand truck turned dolly. And this is what came of it:

Oh the the music I just added on the fly for your pleasure [Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass], it is neither original nor what Laura was actually dancing to.