Garden Party

I am long overdue in posting yet another from Potty Talk (that amazing sketch comedy team I get to DP for)! A potluck in the Garden of Eden where Adam brings ribs and a certain Snake with murky intentions convinces Eve to eat a healthy apple instead of that tempting doughnut.

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One of my Potty Talk favorites. Men are constantly telling me to smile and often rarely giving me something to smile about. Things that make me smile: the warmth and good nature of close friends, running with my dog, cake. Things that don’t make me smile: being cat-called and bullied… and then being told I should smile! Also having a cat thrown out me, that’s in the dislike pile. Enjoy!

Laura Dances

I almost forgot about this, that is until I watched PINA 3d and remembered that I have also directed dancers. Not to suggest that the below is anything like PINA 3d, it was more a happy set of circumstance drummed together during a workshop with Daniel Conrad.

After a kind of tedious set of days trying to get filmmakers and dancers who had never dabbled much with the other to work in stride and make dance films, Laura Cleveland lightly galloped into the studio and quietly announced to me that she had been working on a dance upstairs… if I wanted to film it. I did.

Sam Naiman and John Petrina, the sort of tech support for the workshop, also welcomed the distraction and we fled upstairs to make something. We really only had about an hour at most and in that time Sam and John set up a make-shift dolly rig while I directed Laura and her choreography into a story I could tell and mapped the terrain.

I took my metaphorical director’s chair, Sam the reins at the camera, and John made magic of a hand truck turned dolly. And this is what came of it:

Oh the the music I just added on the fly for your pleasure [Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass], it is neither original nor what Laura was actually dancing to.

Day 14: I’m With Cupid

For me, the joy of the Whiteman Brothers exceeds their relentless humor and permeates into an even better place. A place where I remember that this–making movies and art, etc.–is just as much about having fun as it is for any other reason I could conjure.

In all their prolific glory, and as part of their series on a movie a day for 29 days (first brought to you in 2008, and back again for the latest leap year), Sean a Christof brought me one step closer to my dreams of becoming Portland’s premier split-screen actress.

Here it is, the Valentine’s Day special of a lifetime:

Party Gurl.

While tweaking RACHEL, RYAN, JAMIE & KATIE the other day, I got a little side tracked. Intending to participate in some office spirit, I made an entry for the Film Center’s MAKE IT SHORT contest. There’s basically one rule, it has to be 40 seconds or less (in honor of the Film Center’s 40th anniversary season).

So, using some already acquired footage, I give you Katie… or PARTY GURL.

Movers & Makers

I gave you a sneak peak at the TWOMP screening last month (also a kind of sneak peak in itself for that film), but coming to you again–and this time not on a sheet!–I give you RACHEL, RYAN, JAMIE & KATIE.

Join me and some other incredible makers at the Northwest Film Center on January 26th, 7 PM. It’s part of the Movers & Makers screening of shorts, and if we’re buddies I can probably make it free!

Now all I need to do is finish some sound work on it this weekend!