The World of Missing Persons

I am producing a short film for writer/director Travis Ezell. We are currently in preproduction, gearing up for an August shoot! I’m really excited to be on board with this! Hence every sentence ending with an exclamation point! Not only is Travis extremely talented and experienced, but we also have DP, Jon Beanlands on board to help create some beautiful images!

This project is also partially funded by the Regional Arts & Culture Council (so we’re not the only ones who believe in us)! I’m sure I will be updating soon with our kickstarter campaign as well.

Until then, we would love your support by checking out the website for The World of Missing Persons and the Facebook page (don’t forget to “like” us) to learn  more.



Recently we wrapped on writer/director Michael Roberson’s short film Rossum.

I worked on set as AC, my husband Michael as the still photographer (his lovely image is seen below and if you follow the Rossum link above you’ll find more). I am really excited to see this whole project come together at the premiere in October! Stay tuned, I’ll have some behind the scenes footage. Until then check out the FB page. Oh, did I mention Michael and I had the opportunity to act in the commercial which appears in this film. Really terrific stuff!



I have here production stills I did for a fellow creative (writer/director/good friend type), Miranda Lehman. The film is called Wrong, and is actually moving into post-production soon. I have to appreciate her taste for absolutely drinkable light design. I will update when more information comes out about the film.



More of my stills can be found here.

Wrong also has a Facebook fan page.


These are a few stills from the set of “Positive” a short film by writer/director/editor/good friend Liz Lewis. Stay tuned for future collaborations with this talented lady.




For the rest of the stills I shot for this production please check out the following flickr links:

Positive Day 1

Positive Day 2

Positive Day 3

Positive Day 4

Positive Day 5

Positive Day 6

Positive Days 7/8

Watch the trailer


Landscapes is a super 8 short portraying what Gil Dennis referred to as the “lovely lulls” of a relationship. It received a judges award at the Northwest Film & Video Festival (soon to be renamed the Northwest Filmmakers Festival), but more importantly was the first thing I made that complete strangers thanked me for. That was terrific. My husband, Michael, was a huge help in making this what it is.

Landscapes from Laurel Degutis on Vimeo.

Director Interviews

The Northwest Film Center hosts the Portland International Film Festival annually. During PIFF 34, I had the opportunity to interview some of the local, Oregon, filmmakers who had work screening at the Festival. Michael Roberson helped me with the camera work and contributed to the conversation. We interviewed Aaron Katz (COLD WEATHER), Matthew Lessner (THE WOODS) and Peter Richardson (HOW TO DIE IN OREGON):